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Tableware, Silverware and Glassware Rentals

About Our Tableware Rentals

Party Rental Miami leads in top quality tableware rentals all over south florida. With a great selection on glassware rentals such as champagne glass rentals, wine glasses, water goblets and even rock glasses, we can accommodate all of the glassware rentals you might need for any style of event. Party Rental Miami also offers a variety of Plate Rentals to fit the style of any wedding, baby shower, birthday party or any ceremony. Browse through our site and choose from the different tableware rentals from the options below.

white dinner plate rentals in miami

White Standard Plate Rentals

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Silver Trimmed Plate Rentals

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charger plate rentals in miami

Charger Plate Rentals

Available Colors – White, Black, Gold, Wine Red, Royal Blue

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silverware rentals in miami

Silverware Rentals

Fork Rental (Case: 10) – 

Spoon Rental (Case: 10) 

Knife Rental (Case: 10) – 

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glassware rentals in miami

Wine Glass Rentals

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Champagne Glass

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Water Goblet Rentals

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Martini Glass Rentals

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rock glass rentals

Rock Glass Rentals

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Highball Glass Rentals

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