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Carnival Rides / Mechanical Attraction Rentals

rock wall rentals in miami

Rock Climbing Wall Rentals
(4 Lane / 32′ Tall)
Call Now! (305) 422-9800

Texas Mechanical Bull Rentals In Miami

Texas Mechanical Bull Rentals
Call Now! (305) 422-9800

dixie swings rentals carnival attractions in miami

Dixie Swings Carnival Ride Rentals
Carnival Rentals – $649.99
Call Now! (305) 422-9800

high strike carnival game rentals in miami

High Strike Carnival Attraction

Carnival Rentals – $197.97
Call Now! (305) 422-9800

carnival mechanical dunk tank rentals miami

Dunk Tank Rentals Miami

Carnival Rentals – $340.00
Call Now! (305) 422-9800

Mechanical Shark Ride Rentals

Ride Rentals – $797.97 (4 Hours Min.)
Call Now! (305) 422-9800

carnival velcro wall rentals

Velcro Wall Inflatable

Carnival Rentals – $399.99

Call Now! (305) 422-9800

bungee run rentals in miami carnival games

Bungee Run Inflatable

Carnival Rentals – $399.99

Call Now! (305) 422-9800

Football Challenge Inflatable 

Ride Rentals – $399.99

Call Now! (305) 422-9800

Organize your ideal carnival styled event with Party Rental Miami’s mechanical ride rentals. We offer a variety of carnival attractions such as Rock Climbing Wall Rentals, Dunk Tank Rentals, High Strike carnival game rentals, Velcro Wall rentals and more! We also offer a variety of mechanical ride rentals in miami such as our Mechanical Bull rentals, mechanical shark rentals, Dixie Swings mechanical ride rentals.¬†

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