Dance Floor Rentals

Dance Floor Rentals

wooden dance floor

8 x 8 wooden dance floor16 x 16 Portable Dance Floor

Deluxe Dance Floor – $429.99

Plywood Dance Floor Rentals- $249.99

Small quality Dance floor for anyone who is limited in space, or maybe just wants to fit it indoors. Perfect dance floor to fit under a 10×20 Tent, dance floor fits 10-15 persons.

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wedding dance floor rentals20 x 20 Portable Dance Floor

Dance Floor Rental – $549.99

Large sized dace floor for big parties out on parking lots, or a big open area in a field. Dance floor holds 60-70 persons.

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About Our Dance Floors

Have a spot in your party specifically for dancing by renting from our Portable Dance Floors. The most important factor in choosing a floor is how it feels to the people who will use it. South Florida, being one of the most dance active areas in the country, you wouldn’t want your guests to ruin their shoes by dancing in a rough street floor, or run the risk of having someone fall in grass, you wouldn’t want to miss out on our dance floor rentals. We offer top quality Maple Wood dance floors for you and all your guests so that you can all have a smooth, silky, surface to show off your dance moves! Our dance floors are mostly used for Salsa Dancing, Hip-Hop Dancing, and Jazz Dancing. Our Dance Floors will add an “extra” elegance to your party. People who rent dance floors also usually rent from our Tent selection, to prevent any weather from ruining their event, also make sure to check out our variety of selection in Tables and Chairs for rentals. When you order from our dance floors, we have well trained staff that will set-up the dance floor on an proper location and break it up as soon as your event finished at no extra cost. Once you pick out everything you need, make sure to call and make a reservation!

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